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Become part of the Finance Culture at Culture of Finance, your ultimate destination for financial education! We equip individuals of all ages with a diverse range of classes and workshops, covering fundamental financial literacy to advanced finance courses. Our innovative approach not only fosters a lasting financial legacy but also opens doors to thrilling career prospects. Embark on this financial journey with us and shape a more promising future!


About Us

Hi there!

My name is Shane Davis. I'm a dad of four, a homeschooling parent of two, and a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I've worked in the fintech space for over half a decade.

When I was young, I discovered my passion for finance, and as my son grew up, I wanted to pass it on. At just eight years old, he started his journey into finance. As he learned more, I noticed his attitude toward money changed. Finance became a widely discussed topic alongside TV shows and movies. The shift in our home impacted even my younger children. My son was eager to put his newfound knowledge into practice and quickly became proficient. He even shared what he learned with his friends, sparking their interest in financial education. Now, he manages a small portfolio and looks forward to investor calls.

Financial education shifted the culture in our home and community; if you'd like to see how your student can develop a culture of finance, register today!

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